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by Product Expert

Because convenience may be the most crucial feature of modern appliances, smart technology is becoming standard in all kinds of appliances, from refrigerators and ovens to washers and dryers and so much more.

Smart technology enables you to control properly equipped appliances remotely via a cell phone or computer application. When at home, you can simply use voice commands spoken to a virtual assistant, like Google Assistant or Alexa. What could be more convenient than voice control?

Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider smart appliances.

Benefits of Smart Technology in the Kitchen

Perhaps the most well-known smart kitchen appliance is Samsung’s Family Hub smart refrigerator. This refrigerator was the first to incorporate smart technology and is still one of the most popular smart fridges. The full-sized fridge features a 21.5-inch touchscreen that lets household members make shopping lists, manage a family calendar, stream shows, listen to music, search for recipes, and more. And, if you connect your Family Hub fridge to other smart appliances, you can even use the fridge to control those appliances.

Your Smart Fridge Makes Household Shopping Easier

The most popular aspects of Samsung’s Family Hub—and other smart refrigerators like it—are the interior cameras that let you see what’s in the fridge. This is particularly helpful when you are at the grocery store and wondering if the fridge is running low on anything. These cameras enable you to access the full view of your fridge’s interior via your smartphone.

Smart Appliances Can “Talk to Each Other”

When smart appliances are connected over your home network, they can also communicate with each other. For example, if you select a recipe from the smart refrigerator’s app, the smart refrigerator can send a signal to your smart oven, turning it on and setting it to the desired temperature.

Smart Appliances Operate More Precisely

Smart dishwashers allow you to turn the dishwasher on and off remotely, too. They can also store detergent and rinse aid, administering just the right amounts for each load. And when either is running low, your smart dishwasher can alert you on your phone. Some models can even place an order for more detergent or rinse aid directly with Amazon, so you don’t have to!

How Smart Appliances Save on Repairs

When a regular appliance breaks down, the repair technician comes to your home not knowing ahead of time what parts or services will be needed. The time it takes the technician to diagnose the problem costs consumers money, of course.

However, when smart appliances have a diagnostic feature, technicians can connect to the appliance remotely to determine the problem and what parts are necessary to solve it. This significantly shortens the length of time technicians have to spend at consumers’ homes and ensures they arrive with the right equipment to make needed repairs.

Smart Appliances and Energy Efficiency

For 28 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been running the Energy Star program that rates appliances based on energy consumption. This program helps consumers purchase the most energy-efficient brands and models. And this is where smart appliances stand out. Your new smart dishwasher or laundry set can help you save even more energy because you can remotely program your appliances to run during non-peak hours of the day. For example, you might set your smart dryer to run at night.

When smart appliances like washers and dryers can communicate, they can help consumers save even more on energy consumption. Smart washers, for example, have sensors that determine the size and moisture content of any load. They can send that information to the dryer, telling it just how long and at what temperature to run to dry that load. This prevents dryers from running longer and hotter than necessary. It also prevents dryers from not running long enough.

Incidentally, smart technology in washers can also ensure that just the right amount and temperature of water is used and none wasted.

Smart Technology Can Benefit Your Budget

Smart appliances even let you track energy consumption so you can see just how much energy you are using. This can help households of all sizes become more energy efficient.

You can even use smart technology to gain better control over things that waste energy, like lights left on in empty rooms, fridge doors left open too long, thermostats set too high or too low, water heater controls, and more.

Home Requirements for Smart Appliances

Because smart appliances need to be connected to the internet, your home must have a reliable wi-fi connection as part of your home area network. Without a stable internet connection, the smart features of any appliance won’t work. The more appliances connected to it, the stronger the internet connection needs to be.

Also, because smart appliances employ apps that you will use to control the appliance, you need to have a smartphone or computer that can run the necessary app. What good are the remote features that you paid for in a smart appliance if you don’t have a device on which to run the app?

Other Things to Consider Before Purchasing Smart Appliances

Like with any major appliance purchase, there are always maintenance things to consider. The first, and perhaps most important, is knowing where the appliance can be repaired if it does break down. Before purchasing a smart appliance, consumers should know where they can get repair service should a smart feature break, like a refrigerator touch screen or a dryer sensor.

Remember that K&A Appliance has a full-service appliance repair shop as part of our business with service you can count on, right here in Lancaster!

Smart appliances rely on technology, which is continuously being updated. Consumers should find out how often the technology for the new appliance gets updated and what that process looks like, as well. Find out for how long the manufacturer will support the software on your new appliance, so you don’t end up buying an obsolete appliance.

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When you’re shopping for smart appliances, it’s always a good idea to contact the experts, like us here at K&A Appliance. Our experienced team can help you select the right smart appliance for your home and lifestyle. Because we specialize in scratch and dent models, you are sure to find the best prices around on the latest smart appliances in our showrooms.