Scratch and Dent Dishwashers

Is it time to upgrade your dishwasher for better cleaning and more energy efficiency? At K&A Appliance, we have the latest in whisper-quiet, energy-efficient dishwashers, available in 18” or 24” sizes to fit your kitchen perfectly.

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When it’s time for you to purchase a dishwasher, think K&A. Our showrooms are conveniently located in Lancaster and Willow Street. Our scratch and dent models deliver the same performance and manufacturer’s warranties as unblemished dishwashers but at substantial savings, up to 70% off. Stop by today!

Dishwasher Brands We Carry

Amana. Bosch. KitchenAid. Whirlpool. If you’re looking for top name brand in kitchen appliances, chances are we’ll have it in our showroom. Stop by and see for yourself.

Different Types of Dishwashers

Several dishwasher styles are available depending on your needs. Everything from freestanding to built-in models. You can also select from compact, slimline or full-sized models. We have dishwashers on sale in all shapes and sizes. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some insights on how to pick out a dishwasher.

Woman opening dishwasher

Built-in Dishwashers

If you’re after a clean look in your kitchen, built-in dishwashers are the choice. You can hide them behind a kitchen cabinet door or leave them concealed with just the control panel visible. You’ll get the streamlined look you’re after. Just don’t plan on moving your dishwasher.

Portable Dishwashers

Portable dishwashers, or freestanding dishwashers, are the most common style. You can fit it under a counter or place it wherever you like in your kitchen, as long as a water source is available. Portable dishwashers are finished on all sides so they look good standing alone. Even though there are portable, they can wash the same sized load as a built-in.

Countertop Dishwashers

Like a portable dishwasher, countertop dishwashers are temporarily connected to your faucet. Unlike a portable unit, a countertop model can’t be rolled out of the way when it’s not being used. Countertop dishwashers have limited capacity, only a few dishes and plates at a time, and no pots or pans. Owing to their limited capacity, they do consume less water, typically two gallons during a wash cycle. The key caveats are that you have adequate counter space and that space is close to your sink. If you aren’t quite sure a countertop dishwasher is right for you, you can learn more about them here.

Common Dishwasher Features

No longer just a luxury item, dishwashers are household items for their time savings alone. A number of features are available to make them even more valuable in your home.

Woman taking glass out of dishwasher

Quiet Dishwashers

Listen to this … a quiet dishwasher is the most sought after feature by buyers. People just don’t want to hear their dishwasher. Most dishwashers produce noise levels of up to 80 decibels. Compare that to your refrigerator at 50 DB or your hairdryer at 70 DB. To be classified as a quiet dishwasher, or silent, decibel ratings must be less than 40. That way you won’t be disturbed by its noise level. How that’s accomplished is a discussion for another day.

Energy Efficient

Dishwashers carrying the ENERGY STAR label use less water and electricity over their lifetime. How much less? Costs will be less than $35 annually to run your dishwasher and water savings will amount to 1,600 gallons over its lifetime. If you’re looking to save some money and the environment, invest in an ENERGY STAR certified unit.

Smudge-Proof Fronts

Ever look at your beautiful stainless steel refrigerator or dishwasher and see ugly smudges? Well, now you can remedy that with a smudge-proof front that resists fingerprints and makes cleanup less of a fuss. Smudge-proof models have a heavier brushing of stainless yielding a darker look that effectively hides unsightly smudges.

Power Wash Cycles

Pots and pans can be difficult to get clean with a dishwasher. Enter the power wash cycle. Power wash cycles use a longer wash with more water and higher temperatures to clean baked-on grime. You just have to make sure your pots and pans are dishwasher safe.

Soil Sensors

Soil sensing dishwashers automatically adjust the energy consumption of a wash cycle based on the soil load detected. The more dirt and grime, the more energy and water.

Child touching dishwasher

Drying Options

Why use a hand towel to dry your dishes when the dishwasher will do it for you? Three drying options are available.     

Clean dishes in dishwasher

Condensation Dry

Condensation drying dishwashers eliminate the heating element associated with a heated dry dishwasher. Basically, these units use high-temperature water to get dishes hot. The stainless steel lining of your dishwasher cools faster than your dishes creating condensation when moist air hits the cooler stainless steel tub. Water droplets are formed, trickled downward and are drained. This process results in more hygienic and energy-efficient drying than using a heating element.

Heat Dry

Heated drying enlists the use of an electric heating element to heat air that is then pumped throughout the dishwasher during the heated drying cycle. A heated drying cycle does consume more energy, 15 percent more than air drying.

Fan-Assisted Heat Dry

Fan-assisted heat dry dishwashers work on the same principle as heat dry dishwashers. In addition to the heating element, they include an exhaust fan at the top of the door pulls moisture from inside the unit and forces it out the vents to speed drying.

Why Choose K&A?

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