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by Product Expert

If you haven’t shopped for appliances in a while, you will no doubt be impressed by the latest features and energy-efficient elements available in every appliance. From refrigerators to washing machines, technology has expanded and improved to make our lives easier—you may even be surprised at what’s available. But those features won’t be the only surprise, as you might also experience some sticker shock when you see new appliance prices. The good news is that getting a new, modern appliance with all the special features, including Smart technology and high energy efficiency, does not have to break the bank if you consider shopping scratch and dent.

At K&A Appliance, we specialize in scratch and dent appliances that are brand new but may have some surface or aesthetic blemishes. Continue reading to learn more about purchasing a scratch and dent appliance and how buying these appliances can help save money and the environment.

What are Scratch and Dent Appliances?

Scratch and dent appliances are new models that arrived at stores slightly damaged. In most cases, the damage is simply a scratch or a dent that is purely cosmetic and does not impact the appliance’s functionality in any way. This damage prevents them from being sold at full retail prices but doesn’t change their functionality. These appliances operate just as well as their unblemished counterparts but simply cost a lot less—sometimes 25-60 percent less.

How to Shop for Scratch and Dent Appliances

Selecting a new appliance can seem like an overwhelming task because more choices and features are available than ever before. To avoid being overwhelmed, you should take time to review what features you really need in the new appliance. You should also identify things you don’t like about your current appliances to be sure that your new appliance will fit your lifestyle.  

Do some research before visiting a showroom to familiarize yourself with appliance brands, features, and prices. You will also need to understand how your current appliances physically fit into your kitchen by measuring the space you have for that appliance. And perhaps most importantly, determine how much money you can afford to spend.

Once you have all of that information above, visit a scratch and dent showroom, like our showroom in Lancaster, Pa. Let a professional, like our experts at K&A Appliance, guide you through the options available.   

Understand What Damage You Will See When You Bring the Appliance Home

When looking at a scratch and dent appliance, determine if the blemish will still be visible after the appliance is installed. For example, if the damage is on the sides or back, you won’t be able to see it once the appliance is installed under the counter or between cabinets.

However, if the damage is on the front or visible parts of the appliance, ask how much it would cost to repair the scratch or dent. In some cases, even if it’s stainless steel, you might even be able to repair it yourself. For example, some dents can be pulled out using a simple plunger, and minor scratches can be buffed out or touched up with paint.

Why You Want a Warranty

When shopping scratch and dent, make sure the appliance still comes with a factory warranty—the same one that comes with the appliance’s unblemished counterparts. Typically that is a one-year warranty, but if you’re concerned the dent may have caused internal damage that might become problematic later on, consider purchasing an extended warranty for peace of mind.

How Scratch and Dent Saves the Environment

One important tenant of being environmentally-friendly is that of purchasing used items whenever feasible. This guideline works great for almost everything except older appliances. Manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to make this year’s appliances more energy-efficient than last year’s.

Even though it seems like you’d save a bundle by purchasing a several-year-old used appliance, you would definitely not be getting the most energy-efficient model you could afford. Not only would that used appliance have you paying higher energy and water bills, but it would almost certainly also lead to costly repair bills.

It is true that the more energy-efficient an appliance is, the more it costs. But you don’t have to settle for a new appliance that is not as eco-friendly as you’d like just because you have a limited budget. By shopping for scratch and dent appliances, you could afford the newer, more energy-efficient models. For example, buying a scratch and dent oven will save energy, and buying a scratch and dent dishwasher, will save energy and water

When you need a new appliance and want to save both money and the environment, visit K & A Appliance to see what scratch and dent appliances would be perfect for your home. Not only does K & A Appliance offer the largest selection of scratch and dent appliances with warranties, but you can count on our expert service team to service everything we sell. Stop in and talk with one of our team members to see how you can upgrade your home’s appliances.