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by Product Expert

The newest models of several different kitchen appliances feature innovations that make food storage and preparation easier, faster, and more energy-efficient than ever before. By increasingly incorporating Smart technology into products, the appliance industry is also making kitchen appliances more convenient to use and control.

Whether you are a budding chef or someone who simply heats frozen meals in the microwave, the latest trends in kitchen appliances will have you happy to be cooking in the kitchen.

Refrigerator Trends

Refrigerators have seen many changes over the past few years and are perhaps the most trendsetting kitchen appliance.

Refrigerator Features That Keep Food Fresher: Temperature Control and More

Innovations that keep food fresher longer will save you money because less food will go to waste. Models featuring temperature zones, or specific sections or drawers that can be set at specific food-safe temperatures, will store food longer. For example, zero degree drawers are ideal for keeping meats frozen longer, while adjustable temperature drawers let you store specific types of perishable groceries, like produce, at specific temperatures.

When fruits and vegetables are stored together, they tend to ripen and then go bad faster. That is because fruits release ethylene, a ripening hormone. As ethylene builds up in the fridge, all produce tends to ripen and spoil. Some newer refrigerators use special filters to remove ethylene, so produce and fruit can last longer.

Refrigerator Features That Improve Convenience & Style in the Kitchen

Not knowing what was in the fridge used to mean you had to hold the door open while searching the shelves.

Two fridge innovations are solving that problem: glass doors and interior cameras.

Like those in certain LG and Samsung models, Glass doors let you see what’s in the fridge without opening the door and wasting energy. In some of these models, the glass door is also a touch screen display. Such WiFi-enabled refrigerators with Smart technology may also feature interior cameras so you can use your smartphone to see what’s in the fridge. This feature is quite helpful when you are grocery shopping and can’t remember if you need more of a particular item.

Some refrigerators are even upgrading their icemakers. Newer icemakers can make more ice faster than ever before so that your parties will never run out of ice. But that’s not the only cool trend. The newest LG refrigerators feature an ice maker that makes clear balls of ice rather than cubes. Because balls of ice stay frozen longer, they will keep drinks colder and undiluted longer than cubed ice.

New Finish Options on Fridges and More

Stainless steel continues to be the most popular refrigerator—and overall kitchen appliance finish—but two new finishes with dramatic looks are growing in popularity.

Now, you can make a statement by choosing a shiny ice white or matte black finish on your fridge and then purchase matching dishwashersstoves, and more. The shiny ice white is bright and crisp, making the kitchen look larger, while the matte black finish is bold and dark, making the kitchen look warmer.

Cooking Appliance Trends

Smart Tech in Ovens

Smart technology that is Bluetooth compatible is being added to almost every appliance, making it possible to use your smartphone to control any appliance. Ovens with Smart technology let you use your phone to turn them on and begin preheating. This feature saves you time waiting for the oven to preheat because you can start the process from anywhere, so the oven will be ready to cook when you are.

Smart technology also makes it possible for technicians to diagnose an appliance malfunction remotely, ensuring that technicians come to the home with all the tools and parts they need to repair it. This feature saves money on repair costs.

Trends in Healthy Cooking Have Made the Multi-Cooker a Kitchen Star

As we learn more about how diet affects health, we are all looking for ways to cook healthier. And that doesn’t mean just adding more vegetables to our plates—many people are also changing the appliances they use to cook their food.

In recent years, the multi-cooker has become a popular new small kitchen appliance. This countertop electric appliance bakes, steams, stews, sautés, and cooks food differently. It is a pressure cooker, steam cooker, slow cooker, and yogurt maker all in one. Like a traditional slow cooker (Crock Pot), the multi-cooker can be preset to cook when you aren’t home. Just load it with raw ingredients, select the correct cooking mode, and go. Your food will be ready when you return.

Looking for the Latest and Greatest Features in Kitchen Appliances?

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