Scratch and Dent Microwave Ovens

Looking for a new microwave to replace an older, less efficient model? Need to add a microwave to your apartment or rental property? At K&A Appliance we offer hundreds of brand-new, brand-name, scratch and dent microwaves at up to 70% off retail store prices.

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Microwave Brands You Know

In the market for a new microwave? Stop by and check out our inventory. We have the names you’ve come to know like Samsung, LG, Maytag, Frigidaire, Bosch and others.

Microwave Oven Types

If you’re like most people, chances are you own a microwave … 90% of homes in the U.S. do. But today, buying a microwave isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. Before you could simply heat up your food or thaw it using a microwave oven. Now microwaves let you brown, roast, and grill. You can even prepare recipes with pre-programmed settings with some models having up to 100 pre-programmed settings. Just hit the setting and forget about it. Short cut settings are available for many of your favorite foods — think pizza, popcorn, and frozen entrees — that automate power levels and cooking times.

Larger microwave ovens can produce up to 1,600 watts of power and are your choice for fast cooking and full meals. Smaller units usually top out at 800 watts and, not surprisingly, deliver slower cook times.

So which microwave oven is right for you?

putting food in microwave

We have a large inventory of scratch and dent microwaves waiting for you at our showrooms in Lancaster and Willow Street. You’ll find prices that are up to 70% off retail. Visit us today and check out all our kitchen appliances at incredible prices.

Over the Range

As you’d expect, this microwave is installed above your range. They require no venting and use multispeed fans to recirculate air. As you might also expect, over the range models are more expensive than countertop models with prices as high as $1,000 based on the features you’d like.

Built-in Microwaves

Built-in microwaves are great space savers and create an integrated look in your kitchen. They can be installed directly into your cabinetry or above your range. Available trim kits make them look like a seamless addition to your cabinetry.  Prices start as low as $150.

Countertop Microwaves

Countertop microwaves are popular for doing what microwaves used to do … reheating, thawing, making popcorn and other simple cooking tasks. The upside is that they are portable so you can move them to different locations in your kitchen. The downside is they do take up valuable counter space. That said, countertop microwaves are fairly compact measuring 18” wide x 14” deep x 12” tall for the most part. Wattages range between 100-500.

Common Features

The list of available microwave features is pretty extensive … sensors, removable racks, convection cooking, grilling, browning, and more. You’ll have to decide what features make the most sense for you.


A must-have unless you want to stop and start your microwave multiple times during the cooking process to reposition your food. Having a turntable ensures even cooking.

Sensor Cooking

Sensor cooking is a relatively new addition to the microwave oven features lineup. Sensors measure steam in your oven to determine whether or not your food is cooked sufficiently. When it senses the meal is complete, it will automatically turn off the oven.

Convection Cooking

Convection microwaves deliver more even cooking than conventional microwaves. That’s because they incorporate radiant heating and circulating hot air. That combination allows you to roast, grill and brown foods.

Variable Power Controls

Microwaves with variable power controls allow you to change your power settings. Looking to defrost food? Set the controls to 30% power.

Child Lockout

This feature is a major plus if you have children. A keypad option is included allowing you to lock and then unlock microwave door to avoid a mishap involving your child touching a hot plate.

Not sure which model is best for you? Our sales staff is always on hand to answer your questions and help you choose the right microwave for your needs.Visit Our Showroom Today to Start Your Search!