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by Product Expert

The most common times people need to purchase kitchen appliances tend to be the worst times—when you’re moving to a new home or when old appliances unexpectedly break down. The best time to purchase is when it is not an emergency, and you have time to research makes, models, and features of kitchen appliances like refrigeratorsdishwashers, and ranges.

It’s true that shopping with a trustworthy scratch and dent appliance retailer like us here at K&A Appliance can save you money at any time you happen to need a new kitchen appliance—even if that purchase is being made in an emergency situation. Today’s blog post compares our everyday savings opportunities to the more traditional appliance retail situations in which paying closer attention to special sales and savings promos is absolutely necessary.

The moral of the story? In the Lancaster, PA area, shopping K&A Appliance first for new kitchen appliances is a must-do for saving money on kitchen appliances.

Newest Model Releases      

When purchasing a new kitchen appliance, the best way to save money is to wait until just before next year’s models get released. This is because stores will be eager to move last’s year’s models to make room for the newest. In fact, our retailer, wholesaler, and other supplier partners are often looking to make room in their warehouses around these times, too, and liquidate with us.

For all kitchen appliances—except refrigerators—September and October are the biggest months for new model releases. May is the best month to shop for refrigerators because their new models get released during the summer.

Buying last year’s model means you can get an appliance that has more features and is more energy-efficient than your old one. It also means you can avoid purchasing a model that hasn’t been on the market long enough for systemic problems to be identified.

In other words, store owners won’t know which features of next year’s appliances tend to malfunction until those appliances have been on the market long enough for problems to arise. Incidentally, this is one of the most important reasons to avoid purchasing a newly released model of any appliance, especially a large appliance. This point also makes shopping scratch and dent inventory a smarter option than buying brand new from a traditional retail outlet!

Holiday Sales

Holidays aren’t just great times to use kitchen appliances—they are also great times to shop for new ones because retailers offer discounts on all holiday weekends—often discounts up to 50%. (Don’t forget that you can save up to 70% off retail prices every single day of the year at K&A Appliance, of course!)

As holiday shopping goes, Black Friday may be the most well-known for steep discounts on appliances. However, that holiday means shopping amid huge crowds—and too often, the deals are only good for the first so many shoppers in the store. Fortunately, considerable savings are usually offered on every holiday, including Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and even Veteran’s Day.

Although most retailers will offer discounts on every holiday, not all discounts will be the same. So, shoppers should still do some homework before buying to see which stores are offering the best price on a particular make and model.

Ideal Time of Month/Week

Want a calmer appliance buying experience? Shopping on weekdays rather than weekends is preferred because weekends are generally busier. When appliance showrooms are bustling, salespeople have less time to spend on any one shopper.

On weekdays, however, shoppers can browse an uncrowded store and enjoy the full attention of their salesperson. The best day of the week for buying appliances tends to be Thursday in part because it is just before the weekend rush.

Planned Purchases vs. Emergency Purchases

As we’ve already mentioned, shopping for kitchen appliances when it’s not to satisfy an urgent purchasing need is ideal. Don’t wait until the last possible moment to shop!

Kitchen appliances all have finite lifespans, of course. As they near the end of those lifespans, they tend to operate with less efficiency, costing owners more in energy and water bills. Ideally, homeowners should have a plan for replacing appliances before they break down. Shopping for a new appliance should begin as soon as owners notice the appliance is not working as well as it used to or when the average lifespan is drawing near. This way, shoppers won’t be caught off guard and forced to make an emergency purchase.

Emergency Purchase Savings Tips

At some point, every appliance in the kitchen will need to be replaced. For this reason, it is wise to set aside funds for these inevitable purchases. And, here at K&A Appliance, we can help you plan with easy pre-approval for appliance financing!

Even when homeowners have plans for replacing an appliance, unexpected breakdowns can happen, forcing an emergency purchase. Have we mentioned that anytime can be the best time to purchase new appliances when you shop for first-quality scratch and dent inventory? Especially in emergencies, when you need a new fridge or stove immediately, you can still save money when you shop with us here at K&A Appliance.

All of our appliance inventory is new, but we only sell new scratch and dent appliances. You can learn more about what that means in our earlier blog post about how to shop these fully functional appliances that have reliable warranty coverage included.

K&A Appliance is Your Best Kitchen Appliance Buying Resource

No matter when homeowners are shopping for a new kitchen appliance, the best place for the best deals and service will always be a local retailer, especially one that also offers repairs, parts, and service after the sale. In Lancaster County, K&A Appliance is well-known as the Scratch & Dent Giant, and we’re here to help you save considerable money on all of your appliance purchases!

Have questions? Contact us today to learn more! (Note: During spring 2020, K&A Appliance is open for essential appliance repairs and purchases under modified hours and procedures due to the COVID-19 situation. You may reach us by phone, online, or by making an appointment to meet at our Greenfield warehouse/showroom/service center.)