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by Product Expert

While we often focus our blog posts on helping you make the right new appliance purchase decisions, we wanted to shift gears today and talk about how to recognize problems in the appliances you already have, specifically your laundry machines. Compared to some other appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, your washing machine and dryer contain a lot of moving parts that can easily break and require washer and dryer repair—or even replacement—before it seems like that should be necessary.

Here are six of the biggest issues you might experience with laundry machines that signal appliance repair needs, and sometimes even mean it’s time to start shopping for a new washer or dryer (or both).

1. You Have a Leaking Washing Machine

If you’re finding water on the floor when you run your washing machine, there are a few likely causes:

  • Overflow from the tub (common in older, non-high efficiency top-loading washers)
  • A loose or damaged water supply hose
  • A bad seal on the door of your front-loader
  • A cracked or damaged tub (less common today in washers with stainless steel tubs)

While a leaking machine isn’t a catastrophic problem that means you definitely need a new washer, it sure can make a mess—especially if your laundry area is located on an upper floor or finished area in your home instead of the garage or basement!

A leak issue is the type of problem that won’t get better if you simply ignore it. In fact, leaks only get worse over time—and often quite quickly. At the first sign of water leaking from your washing machine, it’s time to call a reliable washer and dryer repair resource. They can help you assess and fix the problem with your machine.

2. Your Laundry Machines are Making Strange Noises

It’s true that your washer may make odd noises in its normal course of operations if you have an off-balance load. Especially if your machine has load-balancing technology built in, loud thumping may not signal trouble.

Also, be sure to check that your machines are level. Your washer and dryer both have adjustable feet on the bottom to help stabilize the appliances on uneven floors, but these feet can sometimes become loose and require adjustment.

Unfortunately, if your washer or dryer is regularly making a lot of noise and you’ve determined it’s not due to load imbalances or being out of level, it’s probably something more serious like a loose dryer drum or motor mount issues. Sometimes these problems can be repaired in a cost-effective manner, which is why it’s essential to have a trustworthy washer and dryer repair resource who will let you know whether or not you need a new machine instead.

3. Your Washer or Dryer Wanders Across the Laundry Room

If your laundry machines are making excessive noise during operation, as we talked about above, you may find that they are “walking” around your laundry area, too. Similar issues—being out of level or having more significant problems like loose motor and drum components—create inappropriate movement and noise as symptoms simultaneously.

On its own, movement isn’t always a huge problem, but it can cause your washer to become disconnected from its water source hose or your dryer to separate from its vent hose. Both of these scenarios can lead to big messes with water leaks or lint and dust. If you have a gas dryer, a disconnected vent hose could additionally cause toxic exhaust fumes to escape inside your laundry area instead of being pushed outside.

4. Your Washer is Not Filling Correctly

Because newer, high-efficiency washing machines use less water to clean your clothes, it may be difficult to determine at first that you have a water-filling problem. However, if you’re noticing things like your clothes seeming dingy or sporting detergent stains after a regular wash cycle, you might be having water problems. Note that you won’t necessarily notice leaks outside your washer since your particular water issue may actually be due to problems with cycles progressing correctly, among other troubles.

Because many washing machines are now computerized, there is always a possibility that your machine’s programming or computer control components can become damaged by things like power surges. Washer and dryer repair technicians today have specialized equipment that can quickly determine if your appliances are experiencing electronic failure.

5. Your Dryer Takes a Long Time to Dry Even Small Loads

Much like a washer that’s experiencing cycle errors, your dryer’s failing computerized components might be to blame for lengthy drying times.

More likely, however, is a bad heating element that’s not allowing your dryer to get as warm as it must to dry your clothes efficiently. There may also be a venting issue, which could become dangerous if not assessed by a knowledgeable appliance repair technician. If you have a clogged vent hose, for instance, running your dryer can pose a significant fire risk.

6. Your Laundry Machines are Old

As with most appliances you have in your home, the harder you use your washer and dryer, the faster they will wear out. If you’ve had the same laundry machines for many years, certain parts may be unavailable to fix your machines.

How Long Does a Dryer or Washing Machine Last?

This question is tricky to answer, as some manufacturers claim that their laundry appliances will last longer than others. Third-party consumer testing agency, Consumer Reports, states that most people feel their washer and dryer should each last about 10 years. So, if you’ve had your laundry appliances for more than a decade, it may be time to think about shopping for new ones soon. Especially if your current washer and dryer are developing some of the problems we covered above.

Need Washer and Dryer Repair, or New Laundry Machines in Lancaster?

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