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Affordable Ideas for Upgrading Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in any home—it’s where everyone gathers for meals and conversation. It should be no surprise then that upgrades to the kitchen add the most value to a home.

A full kitchen remodeling job can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are some easy ways to spruce up or makeover a kitchen without spending much money. Spending small amounts in key places can make significant improvements to any kitchen, and today’s post covers a few of our favorite affordable upgrades here at K&A Appliance.

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Quick Kitchen Layout Design Tips for a Tight Budget

Remodeling an old kitchen tends to be a very stressful endeavor for most homeowners. It’s also usually high on a lot of people’s wish lists, but low on the actual “to-do” list due to monetary constraints. But before you give up on pursuing your ideal kitchen needs, there are a few quick kitchen layout design tips and changes you may be able to do on a tighter budget.

At K&A Appliances, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business, so we understand the need to make your kitchen function for your family. We’ve been through the stress of remodeling numerous kitchens, so we’re here to give you a few of our favorite tips to save a bit of money through the process.

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A Dirty Dozen List of Items Never To Toss In Your Washer

Modern washing machines make doing laundry easier than ever. Just sort, toss in a load, add detergent, and let the machine work its magic. However, despite the innovations of modern washing machines—even “smart” ones—there are still some things that should never go in your washer because either the item or the machine itself could be damaged.

While many of these “dirty dozen” items are common sense, a few may be surprising. Today’s post reviews some of the most common things people put through their washing machines that they absolutely should not.

Because K&A Appliance is a full-service appliance repair shop in addition to being the Lancaster area’s Scratch & Dent Giant retailer, we have seen it all! Of course, we would rather help our valued customers save money on appliance repairs and replacement by offering tips for using your laundry machines correctly. Read on to learn more!

Ranges and other kitchen appliances for sale at K&A Appliance

When is the Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances?

The most common times people need to purchase kitchen appliances tend to be the worst times—when you’re moving to a new home or when old appliances unexpectedly break down. The best time to purchase is when it is not an emergency, and you have time to research makes, models, and features of kitchen appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges.

It’s true that shopping with a trustworthy scratch and dent appliance retailer like us here at K&A Appliance can save you money at any time you happen to need a new kitchen appliance—even if that purchase is being made in an emergency situation. Today’s blog post compares our everyday savings opportunities to the more traditional appliance retail situations in which paying closer attention to special sales and savings promos is absolutely necessary.

The moral of the story? In the Lancaster, PA area, shopping K&A Appliance first for new kitchen appliances is a must-do for saving money on kitchen appliances.

Woman comparing washer and dryer features while appliance shopping

Features to Look For When Buying Washers and Dryers

Washer and dryer technology has changed a lot in recent years, and now there are more features available in these appliances than ever before. As with every type of appliance, the more features, the higher the cost.

Knowing which features genuinely make a difference and are worth paying a little more for can help you to find the best appliance for your laundry needs. Doing a little research before heading to a showroom will also help shoppers like you save time and money.

Today’s blog post offers our insights on some of the best features you should be on the lookout for as you shop new laundry appliances. We’ll also look at a few that may not be worth the money for most typical users. No matter what, remember that you can save up to 70% off retail pricing every day when you shop our new scratch and dent inventory from the leading washer and dryer brands here at K&A Appliance!

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6 Big Benefits of Liquidating Your Excess/B-Stock Inventory with K&A Appliance

On the flip side of our recent blog post about what customers need to consider when shopping scratch and dent appliances is our capability here at K&A Appliance to help your business quickly sell those scratch and dent appliances.

It’s true! When retailers, wholesalers, and other suppliers like your business need to liquidate b-stock or other excess inventory, they really only need to know one name—K&A Appliance in Lancaster, PA.

We’ve long been known as the Scratch & Dent Giant for being the best buyer of new scratch and dent inventory in the business, but perhaps you’re new here. Or, maybe you have questions about our status as a better business partner. Today’s blog post covers everything you need to know, so you can simply get in touch and tell us what you have to sell!

These are six of the most significant benefits of working with K&A Appliance to liquidate your excess inventory.

Hundreds of great scratch and dent appliances on the showroom floor at K&A Appliance

Learn How to Shop Scratch and Dent Appliances

Shopping scratch and dent appliances like those we exclusively sell here at K&A Appliance is much like shopping “first quality” appliances in the major retail outlets. However, you may need to do a little more homework before you visit a scratch and dent showroom. Why? Because not all scratch and dent retailers are the same.

Today’s post breaks down what you need to know about shopping scratch and dent, which can save you considerable money on high-quality, fully functional appliances that have reliable warranty coverage included. We’ll also give you some background on how K&A Appliance is different versus some of the fly-by-night scratch and dent sellers out there.

Dishwasher repair technician at work fixing dishwasher

7 Common Problems That Lead to Dishwasher Repair or Replacement

While some people still consider having a dishwasher in their kitchen to be something of a luxury, it’s true that most feel they couldn’t live without these hardworking appliances. So when yours breaks down, and you need to call someone in for dishwasher repair, it can be more than just a minor inconvenience.

For those of us who enjoy regularly preparing meals at home for family and friends, the dishwasher—no matter whether it’s built-in, portable, or a countertop model—is an essential kitchen tool. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether your dishwasher needs a few minor repairs, or if your problem is bad enough to require a complete dishwasher replacement.

Today’s post gives you seven of the biggest issues your dishwasher may experience. Many of these are cost-effective to repair, though a few—depending on the cause behind the problem—will mean it’s time to purchase a new dishwasher.

Washer and dryer repair technician at work

6 Big Warning Signs You Need Washer and Dryer Repair or Replacement

While we often focus our blog posts on helping you make the right new appliance purchase decisions, we wanted to shift gears today and talk about how to recognize problems in the appliances you already have, specifically your laundry machines. Compared to some other appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, your washing machine and dryer contain a lot of moving parts that can easily break and require washer and dryer repair—or even replacement—before it seems like that should be necessary.

Here are six of the biggest issues you might experience with laundry machines that signal appliance repair needs, and sometimes even mean it’s time to start shopping for a new washer or dryer (or both).

combo washer dryer

Stackable Washer and Dryer Combos: The Pros and Cons

Are you shopping for laundry machines that need to fit in a somewhat awkward space? Do you have a corner in a bathroom or an odd-shaped closet that won’t allow for a traditional side-by-side laundry setup? If yes, you’ll want to explore the options available in stackable washer and dryer sets and “apartment-sized” stacked units instead of shopping traditional machines that can only be installed next to each other directly on the floor.

After all, not everyone has the luxury of an entire spacious room dedicated to washing clothes—and sometimes you have to “build up” when you can’t “build out!” This is the concept behind stackable and stacked washer/dryer combos, in which the dryer is placed above the washing machine.

Both of these laundry machine types—stackable and stacked—share the common advantage of saving you space by being vertically configured. However, they are slightly different from one another and have various pros and cons to consider. Let’s take a closer look so you can choose the best laundry solution for your home and family.